Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Bill Nye Does Not Speak for Us and He Does Not Speak for Science

Bill Nye Does Not Speak for Us and He Does Not Speak for Science

By attending the State of the Union with NASA administrator nominee Jim Bridenstine, the Science Guy tacitly endorses climate denial, intolerance and attacks on science

Tonight, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” will accompany… Trump’s nominee for NASA Administrator, to the State of the Union address… a controversial nominee who refuses to state that climate change is driven by human activity, and… worked to undermine civil rights, including pushing for crackdowns on immigrants, ban on gay marriage, and abolishing the Department of Education.

As scientists, we cannot stand by while Nye… uses his public persona…to support an administration that is expressly xenophobic, homophobic,misogynistic, racist, ableist, and anti-science… to separate science at major agencies like NASA from ... racism, bigotry, and misogyny… isn’t just dangerous, it’s foolish and self-defeating
No number of shiny new satellites can undo the racist policies that make our Dreamer colleagues live in fear…  And no new mission to the Moon can make our LGBTQ colleagues feel welcome... Nye’s TV persona has perpetuated the harmful stereotype that scientists are nerdy, combative white men in lab coats—

... he continues to wield his power recklessly… in 2017, his appearance was used to spread misinformation to Fox viewers and fundraise for anti-climate initiatives… Nye’s complicity does not align him with the researchers who have a bold and progressive vision…"
500 Women Scientists is a grassroots organization started by four our commitment to speak up for science and for women, minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities & LGBTQIA